Our story

As a parent you are very busy. There are many responsibilities and distractions. Then kids only take a split second to go missing. We developed the SafeChild Wristband to give you a little peace of mind when going about your life with your kids. You no longer have to worry about your kids running off in the blink of an eye. Your kids will always be close to you. The best part is that kids love wearing the SafeChild Wristband!

Multicolor band rendering with logo med

Our design

We at SafeChild design our products with two goals in mind: functionality and simplicity. Our wristband and app have been tested extensively for two years to ensure their functionality. We have done our best to eliminate false alarms and to ensure alarms are triggered when expected. The wristband and app will work with minimal interaction. We realize parents with small children are very busy and designed the device and app so that the only action required to set them up is to open the app and press the button on the device. Once the device is paired, it will continue to operate without further action being required.

Keep Your Children Safe

Enjoy the feeling of freedom knowing your kids are safe, that’s the feeling we want to capture when we design our products.